The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas: A Guide to the Culinary Options

Las Vegas is a city of many faces, and its culinary scene is no exception. From classic steaks and luxurious buffets to vegan dishes and innovative seafood, Sin City has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a unique dining experience or just a place to grab a bite, this guide will help you find the best restaurants in Las Vegas. Herbs and Rye is one of the most renowned eateries in Las Vegas.

Last year, chef Patrick Munster crafted a menu that combines comfort foods with his own creative spin, introducing new steaks to the menu and exceptional versions of classic dishes like oven-roasted chicken with braised vegetables and creamy polenta. The restaurant's signature dish is a cut of duck breast served on farro barbecue sauce and toasted blackberries. Other dishes include fried bread with white bean sauce and crispy broccoli. Herbs and Rye is an accessible restaurant that's perfect for the thriving Arts District neighborhood. If you're looking for a classic Las Vegas experience, head to Peppermill.

This age-old restaurant offers guests a cozy lounge with a fireplace and classic cocktails, as well as velvet booths for diners. The menu features country fried steak and eggs, tortillas, and Parmesan chicken. Peppermill is open 24 hours a day and offers happy hour every day. VegeAtion is the ideal spot for plant-based eaters. The 100% vegan menu includes coconut curry bowls, tacos, pizza, and more.

For brunch, try peach and cheese crepes with toasted almonds and a protein-packed shake. The Bardot Brasserie transports guests to Paris with its classic brasserie dishes elevated by chef Michael Mina. The onion soup comes with cave-aged gruyere, while the cheese plate features beurre d'echire AOC butter. Enjoy your meal at the bar with a newspaper for an unforgettable experience. Holstein's is one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas for an extraordinary dining experience. Located inside The Cosmopolitan hotel, Holstein's serves up some of the city's tastiest burgers.

Specialties include XO Wagyu ribeye rib finished in a wok, lobster pad thai, and fried rice with garlic topped with salmon caviar and uni. Don't forget to take in the stunning sunset view from the patio. El Dorado Cantina is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is vibrant and fun, with music and beautiful decor everywhere. Enjoy classic Mexican dishes like tacos and burritos or try something new like coconut ceviche or chile relleno. Krohmer's NoMad Restaurant at Park MGM offers an unforgettable Japanese-influenced seafood experience.

Dishes include daring creations like wok-finished XO Wagyu ribeye rib, lobster pad thai, and fried rice with garlic topped with salmon caviar and uni. Costas Spiliadis' Greek restaurant at The Venetian Resort features an exclusive fish market, open kitchen, yogurt room, outdoor roof terrace, and rock sensibility reminiscent of its founder celebrity chef Kerry Simon. The menu changes seasonally to explore new ways to play with comfort foods. Esther's Kitchen was one of the first successful restaurants to debut in the Las Vegas Arts District. Enjoy classic dishes like country bread with beurre d'echire AOC butter or try something new like peach and cheese crepes with toasted almonds. Vetri at The Palazzo offers freshly made pasta dishes like silky chestnut fettuccine with wild boar ragout and cocoa as well as main courses like soft roasted chicken with ham and foie gras. Enjoy your meal while taking in the stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip. Most places on the Las Vegas Strip tend to be expensive but Bazaar Meat at Sahara Las Vegas offers fantastic food at reasonable prices.

Try unique beverages like mezcal margaritas or enjoy impeccable service while indulging in dishes like XO Wagyu ribeye rib finished in a wok. For some of the best tacos in town, head to Aroma in Henderson. This eight-table restaurant serves up dishes influenced by Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Try specialties like coconut ceviche or chile relleno for an unforgettable culinary experience. Las Vegas has something for everyone when it comes to food. From classic steaks to vegan dishes to innovative seafood creations, this guide will help you find the best restaurants in Las Vegas for any culinary option.

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