Family-Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada: The Best Options for Kids

Las Vegas is a great destination for families, and there are plenty of kid-friendly restaurants to choose from. Whether you're looking for a quick bite to eat or an all-out dining experience, there are plenty of options available for families looking for the best family restaurants in Las Vegas. Gordon Ramsay BurgR is one of the most renowned family restaurants in Las Vegas thanks to its famous namesake, Gordon Ramsay. Café Gelato is a great option for dessert.

Village Street Eateries is one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas if you want to eat something fast and relatively cheap. Earl of Sandwich is another great option for families looking for quick but delicious food in Las Vegas. Giordano's on Strip is the place in Las Vegas where the famous Giordano's pizza, originally from Chicago, is served. The Shake Shack, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is a popular casual restaurant franchise that offers a fun atmosphere along with classic American food.

And finally, Harmon Corner's tropical-themed restaurant is ideal for kids and has a gang of wild jungle animals to entertain them. When it comes to finding family-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas, it pays to do your research. Influenced by creators Elizabeth Blau and Cole, the son of Kim Canteenwalla, the Honey Salt children's menu has been tested and approved by children. Options include pasta and meatballs, a cheese quesadilla, chicken sticks, and the “Pizza Margherita Pizza”.

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger's popular and accessible Border Grill is a great choice for families just before or after visiting The Shark Reef, right next door. The two floors where you can eat on the patio are a great place to have brunch on the weekends. We love the many tacos and many dishes to share, from Yucatán pork to sautéed loin. Don't miss side dishes like street corn and Peruvian potatoes.

With a giant map of the United States, this restaurant at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino has a menu with dishes from different regions of the United States so you can pretend that you are educating your children at the same time that they eat baby back ribs in the style of Kansas City or a Benedict from California. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, and since donuts are a main course that all Americans agree on, start breakfast or end dinner with one of the many freshly baked donuts (we like maple bacon). GAYOT's Wine & Spirits editor selected wines only for our favorite season. The best refreshing summer beers to cool you down.

When traveling with children it pays to carefully consider restaurants; however, you should make sure you go to the best family restaurants in Las Vegas, rather than restaurants that don't suit your family's dietary and culinary needs. Try breaking with tradition by visiting one of these recommended restaurants for children in Las Vegas.

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