The Best Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada: A Guide

Las Vegas is a city that offers a wide variety of culinary experiences, and Chinese cuisine is no exception. From traditional dishes to modern interpretations, there are plenty of options for those looking for a delicious Chinese meal. GAYOT's & Spirits wine editor selected wines only for our favorite season. The best refreshing summer beers to cool you down.

To enjoy great Chinese food in a sumptuous setting, Wynn's Wing Lei is hard to beat. Also at ARIA Resort & Casino, Din Tai Fung is a world-renowned international chain from Taiwan that recently opened its first branch in Las Vegas.Din Tai Fung is known for its meatballs and noodle dishes, and if you only eat one thing, it's the Shanghai-style xiao long bao, delicious steamed meatballs filled with korubata pork, and a tasty broth that comes through your mouth with every bite. The award-winning Chinese restaurant, Ping Pang Pong, is a Las Vegas favorite and serves a variety of classic dishes from all over China. You'll find plenty of authentic Chinese recipes, as well as other dishes that have been adapted to Western palates.

Mott 32, a renowned restaurant that first opened its doors in Hong Kong and now has a branch in the Palazzo in Las Vegas, is a Cantonese restaurant that also draws inspiration from Sichuan and Beijing cuisine to offer a high-end Chinese dining experience to savor. The unique 42-day apple-wood-roasted Peking duck “Signature Mott 32 Cut” is a treat you don't want to miss, and you should order it in advance because it sells out quickly, but the menu also includes plenty of other creative dishes to satisfy your appetite. Mott 32 also offers a variety of unique plant-based dishes, and the restaurant is famous for its elegant decor and quality of food, all of which should put the restaurant at the top of your list of priorities while you're in town. Another of the best Chinese cuisine options in Las Vegas is Blossom, located at the ARIA Resort & Casino. This may not be the cheapest Chinese restaurant in town, but you know that what you pay for is of the highest quality, so if you want to treat yourself to something special, Blossom is an option to consider.

Chang's is a reliable option, since it's open until midnight and until 1 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. Shanghai Taste is another popular family-style Chinese restaurant known for serving more than 3,000 Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings a day. The restaurant covers more than 6,000 square feet, providing guests with ample space for group dinners and celebrations. The lighting creates a warm and intimate atmosphere that makes for a great date night. Considered the most exclusive Asian dining destination in Las Vegas, Red 8 has a menu of cutting-edge culinary trends found in modern China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. Plated in milky white with black accents, this Peking restaurant at Caesar's Palace offers diners glasses of champagne when they reach the elevators that take guests to the second floor with views of the Garden of the Gods.

Yummy Rice, in Shanghai Plaza, specializes in sticky “glutinous” rice dishes served in clay pots, a Cantonese-style preparation that its owners claim is unique to Las Vegas. Intended to cater, at least in part, to the large number of Chinese visitors who come to stay at Caesars Palace to play at the Beijing Noodle Casino No. This restaurant at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is intimate and discreet, with delicious Cantonese dishes and tea-inspired cocktails. As you can see, whether you want the type of westernized Chinese food you'd be used to eating or the authentic one served like in China, Las Vegas will have no shortage of options. It might be a bit far from the main Las Vegas action, but the restaurant has its own car park and the prices are also very reasonable, so it's worth taking a short trip to the Orchid Garden.

So for anyone who wants to try the best food Sin City has to offer, here's our guide to some of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas. This may not be the most authentically Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas, but if you're more interested in delicious flavors than sticking rigidly to Chinese culinary traditions, P. Focusing on the noodle-making traditions of Shanxi Province that date back more than two millennia, this is the ideal place if you want to try some of the best noodles that Las Vegas has to offer. It's no wonder that Wing Lei can claim to be the first Michelin star awarded to a Chinese restaurant in the United States. Orchids Garden, a large unpretentious Chinese restaurant west of downtown Las Vegas has an impressive array of dim sum though they also have plenty of other dishes to choose from. Chef Kenny's Asian restaurant is sure to strike up a conversation when you ask about the best vegan Chinese dishes in Las Vegas.

The following is a select list of some of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas listed (in no particular order), along with opening hours and contact phone numbers.

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